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For those who have subscribed to or visited this website in the past, you will notice that it has been greatly redesigned. This was done for not only aesthetic purposes but also to help subscribers and visitors find information regarding articles, books, and interviews all in one location. This site will also allow subscribers and visitors to interact with me and others via the comment section and publish their book reviews of my books.

In the coming months, I will start a podcast, create YouTube and Rumble channels, and produce a series of videos on important issues related to philosophy, theology, science, ethics, politics, and culture that affect how people think about truth, family, life, freedom, and the Christian faith. Essentially, one of the aims of my work is to help people think not only deeply but also clearly about God and the world. I will also be preparing some lectures on the relationship between science and religion. In addition to this, I will continue to work on my scholarly activities, which include presenting at conferences and writing books and articles for both popular magazines and academic journals.

Since I am an independent scholar and researcher, I would like to ask for your help with these important speaking, writing, and publishing projects, as well as the recent rebuilding and continued updating of my website, so that I can continue to be an effective voice for what is true and right. You can do this below through different monthly subscriptions or one-time donations. You can also donate bitcoin  directly through the address and QR code provided below.

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