Fear Depends


Political correctness has unleashed a ubiquitous malaise throughout Western civilization at the expense of our freedoms and liberties.

In lieu of M-103 (Motion 103), which is allegedly designed to oppose “systemic racism and religious discrimination,” it should be stated that no religion or worldview should have special protection or rights over another. All should be protected, with the small caveat that they conform to Western democratic values. We would not want to uphold any view that is antithetical to Western values.

Phobia signifies an irrational fear or aversion to something. The question arises, do those who oppose have an irrational fear or aversion? The answer is: it depends. For instance, I do not think most sensible people would have a fear of Ahmadis. The Ahmadiyya Islamic sect is a very peaceful version of Islam. But what are we to make of the Montreal imam Sayyid alGhitaoui’s comments against Jews which were distributed as sermons on YouTube? Would fear of this brand of Islam be considered irrational? I think not.


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