The Phenomenon of Javier Milei in Context


Javier Milei is the president-elect of Argentina, and if all goes according to plan, on December 10, 2023, he will be the fiftieth president of Argentina. The election of Milei presents many firsts for an Argentinian president. He’s the first Argentine president to be an economist and a professor of economics. Interestingly, he has devoted himself to studying economics since the age of 10 because Argentina went into hyperinflation; he taught economics for over 20 years and wrote more than 50 academic papers. He’s not only Argentina’s first libertarian president (or, as he has described himself, an “anarcho-capitalist”), but also the world’s. He’s also potentially the first in Latin American history to run on promises to take away benefits and handouts rather than give them. This fact alone tells you about the deep dissatisfaction with the political class in Argentina, which has run for much too long on unfulfilled promises. Indeed, many left-leaning parties throughout the world “buy” their votes, whether it’s Canada, the United States, Spain, or others. This shift in Argentina and in various countries throughout the world is a telltale sign that, most obviously, socialism has always been and will always be a failure, but also that more and more people are catching on despite what they teach through the bastions of indoctrination, which we still call the education system. Apparently, teaching that there are 267 genders isn’t preparing our youth to be conscientious contributors to society.

The election of Milei is no doubt indicative of great frustration among the general population of Argentina, but it is more than just that. The status quo politics of establishment parties and politicians had left the average person not only disenchanted and impoverished but also disenfranchised. Indeed, the “elites” and the political class have forgotten the common hardworking, law-abiding person. Instead, handouts are given to those who do not work, and theft is rewarded from top to bottom. Every time a politician hands out “free money,” rest assured that it is not they who are paying for it. The everyday working person is the one who feels the burden of inflation. For a middle-class person, it will take them more than a lifetime to mortgage a house. The lending interest rates have gone up from 35.56% in 2021 to 54.40% in 2022—it will take the average income earner several lifetimes to be able to pay off a single home. (To put things in perspective, in Canada, where buying homes has become unaffordable for the average person, mortgage rates average between 6% and 8%.) Accordingly, gas and food prices have increasingly become unaffordable as well.

Some Changing Global Trends in the Backdrop

Indeed, the sinister saying “you will own nothing and be happy” is their intended goal. The elites don’t want people, i.e., the peasants, to travel and own houses but rather live communally or drive cars (live in 15-minute cities), eat meat (they prefer you to eat insects), and live off a universal basic income that they can control if you do not behave by their standards, which would include deciding what you put into your body and exercising your God given right to speak against these evils. This is the world they envision, where the peasants live a monitored, controlled, censored, and impoverished life while they live a life of lavishness and freedom. It’s the classic hypocritical communist story.

Despite the lies that governments and the media feed the people when it comes to covering up this World Economic Forum-led globalist agenda, more and more people are realizing what is going on. This is precisely why we have seen a spike in conservative populism, or even libertarianism, in the West. The recent and unexpected rise of Geert Wilders as the Netherlands’s next prime minister is another example aside from Milei of this.

The Rise of Milei

In his acceptance speech, Milei emphasized that “today begins the reconstruction of Argentina.” But what was it that was destroyed that needs rebuilding?

It is important to understand that, from a period of 1860 to 1930, Argentina was among the richest countries in the world per capita, but despite having an abundance of natural resources, such as minerals and large areas of fertile land, its economy began gradually deteriorating with bouts of exponential inflationary increases ever since the 1930s. Throughout the 1960s, despite destructive economic policies and a succession of corrupt governments, it remained above its South American neighbors. However, from 1975 to 1991, Argentina’s economy was devastated by at least a 300% increase in yearly inflation, increasing prices by around 20 billion times. From 1998 to 2002, Argentina endured a great depression.  In 2001, Argentina’s exchange rate pegged the US dollar to the Argentine peso, which effectively made their exports uncompetitive. Fearing an economic crash, this drove many to convert their pesos into American dollars and transfer the money to offshore accounts. This was demolishing the banking system and thus forcing the government to impose its infamous “corralito,” which was to freeze bank accounts for 90 days. This draconian measure precipitated major riots throughout the country. Moving forward to 2023, Argentina has hit 142.7%, with predictions of reaching 210% by the end of 2023.

Milei is a proponent of the Austrian School of Economics (ASE). Essential to ASE is the understanding that the economic values of goods and services are inherently subjective; in other words, your friend’s value or preference for a certain good may not hold as much value for you. The understanding rests on the inclinations and actions of individuals and their preferences and desires. For the ASE, capital goods are not homogenous but rather heterogeneous, i.e., you cannot substitute wood for concrete, marble, brick, pickup trucks, or scissor lifts. Unlike Keynesian economics, which treats each of these in the same fashion, the insight of ASE leads to the understanding and empirical confirmation that the production of incorrect capital goods can lead to unwanted waste and require potentially arduous corrective measures. This innovative way of thinking about economics can lead to unique solutions that can benefit countries in ways that other models can’t.

Accordingly, Milei plans on significantly reducing the size of government and has promised to cut down government ministries that have next to no real value to most people. One may wonder, given that he’s a proponent of ASE, that these ministries may have some value, but that’s the point; if they do, then they would survive in the private sector. This is where big tech steps in and has pushed the woke agenda. Indeed, we have increasingly come to witness the merging of big tech (corporate power) with big government (state) to form a fascist state (corporate kleptocracy)—this is fueled by the left.

Milei also intends on scrapping the peso and dollarizing the economy. Milei has rightfully pointed out that inflation hits the poorest the hardest since the money reaches them last after it loses more and more value. And the ones who benefit from it the most are the politicians, who first spend the money while acting as if they are favouring the people. For much too long, countries have relied on printing money as the solution to economic crises.

Increasingly, and rather painfully, I have come to learn that all of our institutions are controlled by those who control the money, i.e., the big tech oligarchs and bankers. That’s why writing, protesting, voting, or exercising any democratic right (although these are increasingly being stripped in some senses from us) may help raise awareness and give a sense of civic responsibility, ultimately doing nothing to counter and change the narrative. What will change the narrative is control of the money, where it goes back into the hands of the people. Thus, the culture and education system will not be overhauled until this happens. There’s a need for the decentralization of money. Some routes for this include cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, and precious metals like gold and silver. As Milei has put it: “if printing money would end poverty, printing diplomas would end stupidity.”

As a heavy critic of central banks, Milei has emphasized his support of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, since they would return money to their actual producers, i.e., the private sector. Milei has stated:  “With legal tender, they scam you with the inflationary tax… #Bitcoin is the natural reaction against central bank scammers: to make money private again.” Milei also recognizes the high value of Bitcoin because of its finite supply; it cannot be printed endlessly like fiat currency. Despite this support, it remains unclear whether he intends to incorporate crypto into his economic policies.

Aside from his economic astuteness, what other reasons do common-sense people have to like Milei and hope for a similar leader to rise in their respective countries?


A Sledgehammer to Leftism and Wokeism

With the push toward cultural Marxism and wokeism by big tech, the media, and governments throughout the world, Milei can act as a sledgehammer to such nonsensical ideas. He is very vocal about what he thinks of leftism and its ruthlessness. Not unlike Donald Trump, Milei is not shy about saying what he thinks, but his criticisms are much more scathing and his approach more abrasive. Given the left’s historical record, whether it’s communists, socialists, or cultural Marxists, none of it is untrue, though:

You can’t give […] leftards an inch. All collectivists, all kinds of collectivists. […] If you think differently from them they will kill you. This is the point. You can’t give […] leftists an inch, if you give them an inch they will use it to destroy you … Now, if you are on the other side, they will ruin you. They will kill you, they will throw you everything, they don’t care if they ruin your whole life. Why? Only because you don’t think like them.

And do you know what’s the good part in all of this? Because since to err is human, since everyone can be mistaken, they force us to be better. And since we are getting better than them, since we are crushing them in the cultural battle, we’re not only superior economically, we are morally superior, we are aesthetically superior, we are better than them in everything, and that triggers them… You can’t negotiate with leftards. You don’t negotiate with trash because they will end you!

On Transgender Ideology

This can help create an atmosphere where people are not forced to accept untruths such as unscientific and immoral practices that claim that men and women are interchangeable, which affect sports, society in general, and children’s mental and physical well-being in particular. He has ridiculed the unmedical practice of sexual reassignment surgery. He has made it clear that it will not be funded, nor will this ideology be taught in schools.

Pro-life Stance

His pro-life stance would be of particular interest to traditional Christians. Milei opposes both abortion and euthanasia. Milei recognizes that the first right above all rights is the right to life. He has stated that:

When you construct on the basis of an incorrect moral principle, the result is filth. How can being able to kill other human beings be a right gained? As a liberal [libertarian], I believe in the unrestricted right to life based on the defence of life, liberty and property. I defend life, biology says that life begins with conception.

On Social Justice

Milei denounces social justice as thievery. He also recognizes that social justice is oxymoronic and creates injustice by favouring certain people over others:

We are at the end of the model of the caste-based on that atrocity of where there is a need, there is a right but they’re forgetting that somebody has to pay for that right. Its maximum expression is that aberration called social justice which is unjust because it implies unequal treatment in the face of the law.

 On His Countryman, Pope Francis

He has allegedly called Pope Francis a “filthy leftist” and a “communist.” In an interview with Tucker Carlson, he has said that:

The Pope plays politics. He has a strong political influence. And he has shown a strong affinity for dictators such as Castro and Maduro. He is on the side of bloody dictatorships… He has an affinity for murderous communists. In fact, he does condemn them. He’s quite lenient to them. He’s also lenient with the Venezuelan dictatorship. He’s lenient toward the entire left, even when they are true criminals. That’s a problem. But he also takes social justice, as a central element of his vision. That’s difficult, because what is social justice, truly? It’s stealing the fruits of one person’s labor and giving it to someone else. So, it means two things: First it’s stealing. The problem with that is that one of the 10 commandments is thou shall not steal. To support social justice is to support stealing… [Second, iterating what was mentioned above] I don’t think it’s fair for some people to be rewarded while others are punished all through the power of the state.

Admittedly, there is a stark contrast between many of Pope Francis’s views (not speaking ex-cathedra) and those of Saint Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, who were harshly critical of dictatorships, including all communist regimes. JP II was heavily involved in the collapse of the Soviet Union.

On Law & Order

Milei has been very clear that he will arrest anyone who breaks the law and who purposely tries to undermine the new leadership through violent protest. As many may have noticed, throughout the world, there is a double standard when it comes to protesting. Typically, the left is unhinged by illegal activity (e.g., burning churches in Canada and anti-fa violence in the US), and those who are not on the left face arrests for peaceful protesting (the trucker and freedom supporters in Canada) because they fall on the “wrong side” of the political spectrum. Milei will not tolerate this.

Concluding Reflection

In the end, those who control the finances control the narrative. What has happened to Argentina over the past century should function as a warning to Western countries, which have had much abundance, like Canada, whose Liberal Government and insufferable Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, are following the globalist agenda and wreaking havoc on its citizens with soaring gas and food prices and skyrocketing mortgage rates. The state-sponsored media has gotten so desperate that they have to label the opposition party’s leader, Pierre Poiliever, an “intellectual bully” for pointing out simple facts, as he has in this video where he clearly lays out the unaffordable cost of living in Canada and the accumulation of debt under the Trudeau government. The polls show Trudeau isn’t doing very well, but remarkably, in the past, he has managed to get re-elected despite innumerable examples of corruption, incompetence, and malevolence. Perhaps Canada needs its own Milei, but Poilievre will have to do for now, given he’s our only realistic chance to unseat a megalomaniacal wannabe tyrant. Poilievre has some good ideas, but unfortunately, at least half of the Conservative Party of Canada accepts the culture of death and woke ideology.


As exciting as positive change can be, many of which can benefit people of good will, we mustn’t forget the limits of politics, money, and otherworldly things since our ultimate purpose and destiny transcend this world.  Thus, Jesus’s words are clear: our ultimate loyalty and faithfulness must be undivided: “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money” (Matthew 6:24).


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    1. Scott Ventureyra

      There’s nothing conspiratorial about what was written. If you want to continue to live with a failing system run by clowns, that is your choice. Let the peasants be peasants.
      And by the way, the size of one’s fan club has nothing to do with the truth of what they say.
      What’s your real name, “Don”? Let’s see if you have the guts to reveal your real identity. Probably not.

      1. Defeating Defeaters

        These days, the charge of *conspiracy theorist* is a badge of honor. Wear it proudly!

  1. So the motivations behind the 15-minute city and the covid 19 vaccines are not climate change and public health, respectively, but rather, elitist control of the masses.

    Not conspiratorial? Riiiight…..

    1. Only someone who is exceedingly credulous and susceptible to propaganda while also being oblivious to reason and science could believe that these measures are for the good of the planet and for reasons of public health. Not a coincidence theorist? Riiiiiiiiighhhhhhht… You’re welcome to keep taking your boosters and confining yourself to a perimeter of several kilometers.

      Here’s a comical video that summarizes your fideistic belief in the Covid vaccine:

      I also welcome you to pick up a copy of COVID-19: A Dystopian Delusion: :O

      1. I can see why your fan club is so small. You are right about one thing though – the truth is under assault; by people like you!

        1. Scott Ventureyra

          I can see you are in the business of defending propaganda and falsehoods. If you want to live in a world where 2 + 2 = 5, that is up to you. Let me know when you’re ready to seek the truth and be set free from the shackles of deception and falsehood.

    2. The truth isn’t popular and what’s popular isn’t true. How does it make you feel better to insult others? What do you see in yourself in this article that you don’t want to connect with?

    3. You do realize that a conspiracy doesn’t make it untrue? Do you have a direct association with a “conspiratorial” message and the truth? Do you really believe the government doesn’t conspire? How much proof would it take to change your mind?

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  3. How about your provide some proof that covid 19 vaccines have done more harm than good? They have saved millions of lives. The cases of pericarditis are much higher for people who contract covid 19 than those who take the vaccines. You think the majority of the medical community, the doctors who spend their lives dedicated to helping people, are wrong about the vaccines and you are right?

    1. Scott Ventureyra

      Dear Don (feel free to provide your real name),

      First, consensus never decides truth in any domain, especially in the fields of science and medicine. Second, anyone with a cursory understanding of the history of science would acknowledge that the visionaries and those responsible for scientific revolutions are often ridiculed, chastised, and punished for going against consensus. This is what science is all about; it is about questioning things and shattering consensus views. Third, there are many reputable doctors (like the co-inventor of mRNA technology, Robert Malone, and cardiologist Peter McCullough, who has probably published the most on COVID out of any medical doctor in peer-reviewed journals) who have questioned the “accepted” COVID narrative. Many of them have put their reputations and careers on the line. Fourth, many doctors who are suspicious regarding the efficacy of the vaccines are afraid to do so. Fifth, I’m not sure what you mean by “proof.” But there is substantial evidence that the vaccines have caused a significant amount of harm. At best, they’re ineffective, and at worst, they are deadly.

      But here’s a study headed by physicist Denis Rancourt about the excessive mortality caused by the COVID vaccines titled “COVID-19 vaccine-associated mortality in the Southern Hemisphere”:

      COVID-19 vaccine-associated mortality in the Southern Hemisphere

      Typically, a vaccine that causes an excess of 30 deaths is pulled from the market. The COVID vaccine has had more deaths and reported adverse effects than all vaccines combined in a very short period of time.
      Like it or not, nothing beats natural immunity. It’s interesting to see people who are all boosted up contracting COVID over and over again. I guess you can believe the lie that the strain is weakened, given that they cannot lie that it doesn’t prevent transmission or contraction of the virus.

      I’ll turn to you and ask: Where is your evidence that they have saved millions of lives? Also, consider the following:

      Where is your proof that COVID has been as deadly as has been claimed? This is impossible to know given three main factors:

      • Autopsy reports are seldomly provided
      • The distinction between dying with COVID and dying from COVID is never made
      • The antigen and PCR tests are inaccurate—Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, was very clear that the PCR test was not meant to be a diagnostic tool
      The CDC admitted that the PCR test cannot distinguish between influenza and COVID.

      You can read more here:

      The COVID vaccines were unnecessary since we had early, effective COVID treatments that were demonized by the medical industrial complex and the lying mainstream media.
      Pericarditis does not even touch the threshold of damage wrought by the COVID vaccines.

      Why do you think companies like Pfizer and Moderna are not liable for any vaccine injuries? Taking this unnecessary and experimental COVID vaccine is akin to playing Russian roulette.

      Check out what nurse Gaile Macrae says about medical criminality:

      So given this, how can you even say the vaccines have saved millions of lives?

      I could go on and on, but hopefully you get the picture. You can also read further in my book, COVID-19: A Dystopian Delusion:
      I think you have your work cut out for you. Start thinking for yourself instead of following consensus views. At this point, if you continue with your delusions, given my lengthy explanation, you’d be willfully believing propaganda and lies. It’s not too late to join the side of truth. I believe in you.

      1. The scientific consensus is covid 19 vaccines saved many, many more lives than otherwise. The burden of proof is in you to demonstrate otherwise. There are many credible studies that demonstrate this. Are there any credible studies that demonstrate otherwise?

      2. Defeating Defeaters

        Perhaps Don has been hiding under a rock for the last two years. I haven’t seen this level of low information in years. So much can be said in response to his noisy chatter. For instance, what we’ve come to realize about vaccine induced immune imprinting should be sufficient to explain massive upticks in all-cause mortality, which are evident after the rollout of the mRNA vaccine technology. Don would do well to lurk a bit on Substack.

  4. That study by Denis Rancourt appears to have many significant flaws in it. For example, it did not account for surges in covid 19 mortality. Did you think for yourself when considering his conclusions? Or did you accept them at face value because it reinforces your preconceived world view?

    1. Scott Ventureyra

      Re-read my response about COVID mortalities. And try to think for yourself instead of being stuck thinking in fallacious ways.

        1. Scott Ventureyra

          Go re-read and try really hard to understand some of the responses in this thread. You have not addressed any of the arguments. This leads me to believe you’re incapable of doing so. You obviously have nothing constructive to contribute to the discussion.

          1. Still waiting for those credible studies that back up your outlandish opinions, Scott. Any credible, peer-reviewed studies? No? Didn’t think so. 😉

          2. Scott Ventureyra


            Only someone who is averse to reason could possibly defend anything related to the mainstream COVID narrative. At this point, given the failures of lockdowns, mask-wearing, physical distancing, and so-called vaccines, the burden of proof is squarely placed on the shoulders of those who keep propagating nonsensical propaganda. The other thing is that I can’t do your homework for you, but I have a few conditions before proceeding with your request:

            First, and maybe most importantly, since I don’t like wasting my time with anonymous people, reveal your true identity. You can upload a picture of your license, so you can show everyone that you’re not a coward.

            Second, adequately address the arguments that I have raised in the comments.

            Third, pick up a copy of COVID-19: A Dystopian Delusion: Examining the Machinations of Governments, Health Organizations, the Globalist Elites, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and the Legacy Media, you can order a copy here:; I'll even autograph it for you. I could dedicate it to Don, Ron, Ricky, or whatever your real name is. 😉 

            Fourth, once you’ve grappled with the arguments in the comments and in the book, which is quite comprehensive, you’ll be prepared to embark on your own little investigation.

            Fifth, you’ll be better prepared to give a definition of “credible” peer-reviewed studies and to assess what may constitute a modicum of credibility.

            Sixth, and perhaps more useful than a peer-reviewed study, you can analyze government data summaries, which themselves detail how COVID cases were counted. Take note of the changing definitions over time. Then square this off with the research in your signed personal copy of COVID-19: A Dystopian Delusion.

            Then, and only then, am I prepared to spend another second entertaining your half-baked ideas.

            Have a wonderful day, Don, Ron, Ricky, etc.

            PS: I’m looking forward to getting to know the real you.

    2. You seem very confident in “your” opinions, but (where it relates to covid-19) considering they are nothing more than a regurgitation of the fear-based narratives fed to us in the early years of the pandemic to keep people at home, divided and distracted, it is hard to believe you’ve done any thinking of your own on this subject.

      Here we are in 2024 seeing news headlines published just this week that read “More than 260 Ontario long-term care residents died after getting COVID-19 in last four months”. Where is the panic? Where is the fear? Where are all of those rules and restrictions they implemented to protect the most vulnerable? Why did so many countries stop testing the general public when they get sick? Why did they backtrack on their recommendations to vaccinate pregnant women, children, or those who were initially considered to be most vulnerable/at risk? Where is the endless push for everyone to go out and get a booster? It was only as relevant then “for the sake of public health” as it is now – i.e. not at all.

      At this point, the things you refer to as conspiracy are generally easy to verify within the data & information provided from the very resources people like you consider to be reliable (If only you actually gathered your information from the same data said resources use instead of just listening to what you’re told). So, for crying out loud, try putting the same energy you put into being a keyboard warrior into doing some meaningful and UNBIASED research through whatever government, journal, university, or other resource YOU would consider to be reliable.


  5. LOL – upload my license to the craziest guy on the internet…not sure if that was meant to be a joke, but if so, well done – it’s a good one!

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone write so much and say so little. Each of your replies is like a book, but you provide nothing concrete. Just conspiracy-based opinions. Every one of your “points” has been rejected by scrutiny. But I guess unscrutinised research is what passes for research at that religious studies college you attended.

    And it’s just Don, thank you. Why do you have such a hard time believing peoples’ real names? Is it unfathomable to you that a few people who disagree with your truly bizarre views have discovered your website? I guess you’d prefer being left alone in your teeny tiny little bubble “propagating nonsensical propaganda” (LOL – another doozie!). You’d prefer to just write your drivel to your five-fold-fanbase (good one, eh??) than be challenged by anyone.

    Since you are such an expert at “analyzing government data summaries”, where is your peer-reviewed study on this topic? You should have submitted it by now and become famous!

    Have you ever stopped to wonder why your five-fold-fanbase is so small? Is it because you are a poor communicator? You lack charisma? You are unable to persuade? Or is it because there are serious issues with you conclusions? Hmmm. Since you are so good at “thinking for yourself”, you might want to meditate on that one for a bit. Scott, something is not working!

    1. Scott Ventureyra

      “Donny,” you’re the king of ad hominem! Congratulations! This must be a requisite to graduate from the college you went to, assuming you made it to college and graduated. I’ll give you that much. There is no substance to anything you say or claim. All you’ve demonstrated is that you’re incapable of engaging with the arguments presented. It is also evident that you are totally oblivious to the unprecedented censorship and punishment of reputable medical doctors, scientists, and others over anything related to COVID-19. But in the mind of someone in mass formation, such as yourself, this is perfectly justified and normal. LOL. No amount of evidence or argumentation can change the mind of someone convinced by falsehoods. 

      Indeed, it is abundantly clear that you possess considerable charisma and admirable communication skills—in fact, so much so that you have confined yourself to illogical discourse on the website of an individual who purportedly has five followers. I think a little self-reflection on this rather uncomfortable fact would help your character development, or perhaps your most desired goal: improved trolling abilities. My so-called 5 followers have done a stellar job of refuting your silly claims as well.

      There is nothing about your posts that is challenging. It’s painfully obvious you haven’t taken the time to reflect on the issues at hand more deeply.
      Given that you have nothing of substance to contribute to the conversation, I will ignore any further messages from you.

      Have a wonderful day, Donny. Have fun talking to yourself.

      PS: Here’s a fitting line from the Big Lebwoski for you when it comes to these sorts of discussions: “You’re out of your element, Donny!”

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  7. While it is important to weigh the risks of anything, it’s equally important to weigh the benefits.

    While I would agree it is very important for anyone who considers a covid vaccine to be aware of the risks of pericarditis and myocarditis, studies have shown that the risk of contracting either of these two conditions is actually quite a bit higher after catching covid 19 than after receiving a vaccine.

    Also, if you do contract one of these conditions, there are extremely effective treatments available for them. People who get treatment rarely suffer adverse effects. Compared to covid which has a much higher mortity rate and a higher chance of suffering long term adverse effects.

    The meta study posted earlier by one of the commenters carries a lot of weight by the very fact of it being a meta study. Very interesting indeed.

    Are there any other studies that demonstrate other adverse affects from the vaccines? If so, please share. I would be intrigued to read them.

    1. Scott Ventureyra

      Thanks for your comments. I think the evidence is clear that the COVID-19 vaccine offers no benefit to young, healthy individuals.
      Natural immunity is more efficacious.
      The COVID vaccine is more harmful than all vaccines combined over the past 30 years or so in a very short period of time.
      You can look at the VAERS data on this.
      Here’s another recent article, “Autopsy findings in cases of fatal COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis”:

      Ask yourself why no autopsy reports were provided for those dying from COVID-19, why the distinction between “with” and “from” was rarely provided, why effective treatments were demonized while harmful ones like Remdevisir were promoted, and the unreliability of the PCR test. In addition, why were brutal coercion and mind-control tactics necessary to ensure high numbers were willing to take the so-called mRNA COVID vaccine? I explore this and many other related issues in my book, COVID-19: A Dystopian Delusion: There is much more to say, and that’s why I co-wrote and edited a book of over 300 pages on the subject.

      In a recent article, I also examined why people relinquished their rights as a whole without much resistance:

  8. Freedom for the Convoy

    Dear Doc V,

    Please submit your analysis of government data sets to these silly scientists to explain to them the REAL dangers of these experimental vaccines!

    Are all these scientists in on it, or do they just not know how to analyze government data sets like you do? They just wouldn’t understand logic if is slapped them in the face!

    They would probably censor you for speaking the truth.

    1. Scott Ventureyra

      As you may be aware, or should be aware of, consensus views do not constitute truth or scientific evidence. The assertion that there have only been 28 deaths as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine is demonstrably false. The claim that it is safe and effective is also demonstrably false, based on much of the government’s own data. I can’t do the research for you; you can go searching for the material yourself. 

      It is no secret that much of the data used throughout the COVID-19 crisis is either fraudulent or misguided at best. I’ve explored this in many other venues. You can find it in my book, COVID-19: A Dystopian Delusion. Without autopsy reports, fraudulent PCR testing, and the seldom-distinguished distinction between “with” and “from” COVID, it is virtually impossible to arrive at a number of 7 million deaths. Other doctors and scientists who support a counter-narrative have provided their own analyses of the harmfulness of the so-called mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. Please provide your meticulous analysis and refutation of such data. There’s so much wrong with the “accepted” narrative that it’s almost pointless to elaborate more than I have already. This is a time-suck done in bad faith, whoever you are. 

      If you have something interesting to say, then by all means share your thoughts, but the same ol’ drawn-out comments that I’ve addressed time and time again are tiring.

  9. Well those 28 deaths were taken from the study that you provided above!

    But suffice it to say, I think the credibility of that study is just a wee little in question? I mean, Peter McCullough, Foster Coulson? Not the most credible of sources. Your evidence and sources leaves us wanting more, Scott.

    1. The 28 fatalities represent a very small sample size, and the authors of the paper make this explicitly clear:

      “Myocarditis may be a significant contributor to overall deaths observed after COVID-19 vaccination. The studies analysed in this review are consistent with multiple studies that show excess mortality after vaccination, which may have occurred due to myocarditis that was not detected before sudden death. Pantazatos and Seligmann reported that all-cause mortality increased in most age groups up to 5 weeks after vaccination resulting in 146 000 to 187 000 vaccine-associated deaths in the United States by August 2021. Skidmore elucidated that 278 000 Americans may have died from the COVID-19 vaccine by December 2021. These findings were corroborated by Aarstad and Kvitastein, who reported that, among European countries, a higher COVID-19 vaccine uptake in 2021 was associated with increased all-cause mortality in the first 9 months of 2022 after accounting for alternative explanations. Excess deaths not caused by COVID-19 have been identified worldwide after the mass COVID-19 vaccination programmes began, indicating the presence of a novel detrimental exposure among populations. Pantazatos and Seligmann extrapolated that VAERS reports are underreported by a factor of 20.52 When this factor is applied to the 16 June 2023 VAERS death report count of 35 487,22 the number of deaths in the United States and other countries that use VAERS becomes 709 740. Please note that this extrapolation is a general estimate and may not be accurate. Nonetheless, if the sizeable number of fatalities was to be confirmed, the COVID-19 vaccines would constitute the largest biological safety disaster in human history.”

      A lot more than 28, wouldn’t you say?

      The credibility of Dr. McCullough is intact, despite the claims in this hit piece you pasted. The fact that this doctor was able to follow his conscience to stand up to the COVID nonsense and risk his academic and medical reputation, not to mention much more, speaks volumes about his authenticity and courage, unlike the complacency of cowards who follow a patently false narrative (the majority of doctors), exemplifying the bystander effect. McCullough probably published the most or one of the most peer reviewed articles of any doctor related to COVID. Although he largely must’ve had to play by the COVID publication rules (not the standard peer-reviewed process; I elaborate on this in my book, which I highly recommend for you to pick up), this is a remarkable feat given the rampant censorship. He’s also one of, if not the best, published cardiologists in the history of medicine. Compare McCullough, who has been cited 73,845 times according to Google Scholar:, to medical hacks like Theresa Tam, who, in comparison, has next to no publications or credibility in the wider medical community as an authority on anything; she has been cited a whooping 124 times,
      Doctors countering the COVID narrative in Canada have challenged her to a debate numerous times, and she’s ignored the invitation for obvious reasons.

      I think that it would be wonderful to see the likes of Fauci and Collins (or the best defenders of the COVID narrative) debate McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone and be put on all over social media platforms, so people can compare the two narratives with the best medical minds of each side (Fauci is definitely not one of those). This has and will never happen for obvious reasons, since defenders of the main narrative need to keep their lies contained, even though they are being exposed more and more every day. Those defending the narrative need to use the typical textbook tactic of trying to destroy the reputation of their critics instead of engaging with the arguments.
      The credibility and motivations of the WHO, which is pushing for a worldwide pandemic treaty, are what should be seriously questioned, as should the whole military-industrial complex and its collusion with the media. The credibility of Anthony Fauci (not that he had all that much before the COVID nonsense) and Francis Collins (Fauci’s boss), whom I had a tremendous amount of respect for prior to this embarrassment in the history of medicine occurring, are the ones whose credibility should be scrutinized, not only for supporting an absurd narrative but also for a history of medical corruption. The same goes for companies like Pfizer, who were attempting to not release data on the side effects of these so-called safe and effective COVID vaccines and who paid the largest fine in the history of the US.

      It’s surreal to even have to explain all this. I hope that you seriously wake up from your slumber sooner than later; it’s 2024 and you’re still defending a totally discredited narrative. It’s sad. How many boosters have you taken? I guess some people like playing Russian roulette with their lives.
      I think the late astronomer Carl Sagan said it best in his book Demon Haunted World, when warning his readers about falling prey to blatant falsehoods through what he dubbed a “baloney detector,”

      A deception arises, sometimes innocently but collaboratively, sometimes with cynical premeditation. Usually the victim is caught up in a powerful emotion—wonder, fear, greed, grief. Credulous acceptance of baloney can cost you money; that’s what P. T. Barnum meant when he said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” But it can be much more dangerous than that, and when governments and societies lose the capacity for critical thinking, the results can be catastrophic, however,
      sympathetic we may be to those who have bought the baloney.

      Alas, many fell for the “baloney,” i.e., harmful propaganda that bolstered what I have claimed are unscientific, unethical, and dangerous mandates. Now that the truth is being revealed, governments and other entities must be held fully accountable. Sagan encouraged skepticism and debate so that experts could discuss freely. None of this has happened; instead, many experts, for the most part, countering the narrative (some have had a small voice if they played their game properly) have been censored, silenced, and have lost their employment.

      I haven’t met anyone who regretted not getting this COVID injection; however, there are plenty who have regretted receiving it. If you haven’t yet, I would just give it time.

      On a final note, shouldn’t we be focusing on more pressing issues, like this?

  10. Suspsy - booster machine

    It’s a little ironic to see you now pulling out the peer-review argument when you think it works for you.

    But is Peter McCullough really credible? Maybe at one time but certainly not any more.

    1. There’s no irony; I respect the peer review process (it’s imperfect, especially in the short run, but I believe in the long run things will be corrected), but this whole COVID debacle has compromised the process and the medical profession, not to mention being a total affront to reason. That’s why I wrote my book, so that lies and deception are never forgotten. Even though they may try to erase it as best they can, the truth is everlasting and ultimately inescapable.
      Dr. McCullough is more credible than the so-called fact-checkers, the mainstream media, bystander cowardly doctors and scientists, and the corrupt military industrial complex, which you so admire; there’s no comparison. 

      Interestingly, they tried to strip Dr. Malone of his medical degree from Harvard. 🤡🤡🤡🤣 We will cancel your degrees if you don’t agree that 2+2=5!

      I’m thankful for the COVID era since it exposed so much fraud and corruption, and in the process, more and more people are waking up to the lies and propaganda we are perpetually fed. Unfortunately, some will remain in mass formation because of their compliance and irrational credulity. I feel sorry for those people. 

  11. Great work Scott, it’s so refreshing reading articles like this that bring light to the truths of what is unfolding right in front of us. Thanks for taking the time to publish this even though some will attack your words & refer to it as ‘conspiracy ‘. It’s a relief to know there ARE people who see things for what they are. Well done! Excellent work 🌟